Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Okidoodle Book!

Heres is the Okidoodle Book! We currently preparing the book launch on Sat Oct 17th at the Doodle bar, for more details go to (http://www.okido.co.uk) ! It took about 9 months of this year from beginning to end. Sophie, Rachel and myself thought it be great to start publishing small publications under the OKIDO name. After a few brain storms and Pietra beers, we thought it be best to do some sort of activity book. Then we came up with Okidoodle! I think it took only one month to think up and roughly draw out about 100 ideas, Then we spent a lot of time laying it out and finalizing with some sharp words by Gabby. then Rachel had the great idea! Which was to draw in Messy monster in a few pages of the book, and let messy do what he does best! Its up to you now to sort out the choas messy has caused!

To purchase OKIDOODLE- perfect bound, printed on Friendly drawable paper and at a very reasonable price of £4.99 click on Okidoodle.

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