Monday, 24 November 2014

Bus King Theatre

#buskingtheatre #londoncalls all week at Coram fields!

okdio issue 32 out!

Celebrations ! The new issue @okidomagazine #okido

London Print Studio exhibition!

At the London Print Studio! #londoncalls #londonbus #london #childrensbook #childrensillustration

South Ken Kids Festival

Signing at the #southkenkidsfestival ! Great to meet all the talented illustrators and writers involved! With@gabdaw38

We're doing a reading/doodle workshop at the #southkenkidsfestival of #londoncalls at the #institutfrancais Sun 23rd Nov ! Come by and say hello! + and signed copies available for purchase!

Getting copies of their books signed by Benjimin Davis, Delphine Perret & Aurelie Guilerey. Plus I met the legendary Axel Scheffler. A real pleasure to meet them all at the #southkenkidsfestival #aurelieguilerey #delphineperret #benjidavis #axelscheffler


Budae Jjigae time! #apossumtail has arrived in Korea!

London Calls! spotted

Spotted in #brixton #okido @okidomagazine#kidsmagazine #childrenillustration #artsandscience #messymonster #zimzamzoom #yogamonkey

Exhibition at Pickled Pepper Books

Putting up work in Pickled Pepper Bookshop! Prints for sale framed or non framed. Illustrations from #londoncalls and #apossumstail


Zut alors! #apossumstail featured in #vogue Paris. 


It's here! @okidomagazine #okido issue 31 - the Healthy issue - #messymonster #zimzamzoom #doodles #yogamonkey #squirrelboy #kidsmagazine #kidsscience

Pam & the Pea / another great poem by @gabdaw38@okidomagazine #okido

#thelittlemonsterclinic in #okido @okidomagazine can you spot the following..

Monday, 8 September 2014


My second book out with Author/poet Gabby Dawnay! London Calls! is a dinky book about a pearly Ganny Rose and Lil' Pearl zipping around London visiting all the famous sights and tea with Queen amongst the many high lights ;-). Published by TATE and in all good books shops now! 

Out in shops now! Board game book by OKIDO

Our $th book with Thames and Hudson publishing- Inside there are selection of board games designed by the OKIDO team. includes a colourful spinner and Cut out counters! - In all good books shops now!

window display at Tales on Moon Lane!

Tales on Moon Lane Book Shop - Herne Hill 
'A Possum's Tail'

Holiday issue!

I know its a bit late but here it is! it came out in august !!

My new desk!

Monday, 30 June 2014

forest Maze!

Forest Trail Maze - Can you scout through the forest to the campsite?

Character designs for OKIDO TV show

Animals for the background

Childish drawing

Learning to draw like a kid again. New poem by Gabby Dawnay

London Town

Drawing of London for the Tavel issue of OKIDO. 
Coloured in!


Had meeting on 'London Calls!' at Tate Britain, then popped into their shop..

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Drawings of Koko for the 'How it works book'

Gettin' on the London underground...

On the River Bus!

A possums Tail review in Amy Martin Comics blog!

Wonderful Review in USA based comic book blog
The book will be on sale in the US this November,

London Calls Proofs!!

Just Received the proofs for London Calls! It will be in bookshops by the end of the year. 
Published by Tate Publishing..

Now Proof reading! A bit of Cleo Ferin Mercury Product placement.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Spread from Okido- Travel round Town!

drawings of Sofia

Here's a Drawing i did when I visited Sofia, Bulgaria early this year-