Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The chap

a commission i illustrated for The Chap Magazine

A gentleman's quarterly - both quarterly and for gentleman
informing all chaps & chappettes on the latest in doffing hats, tea drinking, and whistling in the street. 


"Your Instruction manuel for an- easy step by step guide to building your own Gothic folly in your back yard,  guaranteed to impress all your chums down at the local Gin house  "  
Aslock Hammerstrad 
Product Manager 

Lambeth brochure about workshops for Parents.

(Front cover)

 A brochure entitled -  "Lambeth's Reading Stories"
Commissioned by the Lambeth Council-
distributed to all the Community centers, Primary schools and parent help centers within the borough of Lambeth.  Advising parents on Workshops, guides, places to go and who to speak to when it comes to reading with your kids.

www.Lambeth. gov.uk

Sample of Pages

Red Carpet Green Carpet

A section of an illustrated journal i did for diplo magazine. I had a contact who was working in the labour party who had an office within the Houses of Parliament. So i decided to pay him a visit armed with a sketch book and a batch of pencils. With his help i managed to sketch quiet a lot on the sly, in the process, captured on paper- small details such as vending machines for tights?, small speakers in the seats of the commons for the hard of hearing and the HP club bicycle. 
- published in Diplo magazine 06.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Brian Haw

An Illustrated Journal Piece about Brian Haw- I decided to spent a few days with Parliament Square's most famous tenant.  At first, I felt I was an unwelcome guest. But after sketching a few protest signs, a few old supporters of Brain etc.. Brian began to see me as less of a threat, and began preaching to me, the word of brian; such as: "R.A.F. stands for-  Rule All Foreigners.....did you get that alex? Rule All FOREIGNERS". Then he offered me a commission that i should paint him a new protest sign. I kept silent and just listened; I did this piece for diplo magazine in 05- Brian had been there already for 4 years, and he's still there today. Although, he now sports a white beard.  

EU Commission 07

Houzan Mahmound



A selection of illustrations i did for an article of Shenzhen


 A story about a young girl who doesn't realize she's growing.