Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Color me in! (USA version) Thames & Hudson

get ready to doodle!

Can you see the bones?

Catch that fly..

Doodle some passengers 

Cloudy day

In all good bookshops!



Pipi e cacca?!

chebu sleeping

issue 25 out!!

boys and girls issue

The Books have gone INTERNATIONAL! :D

drawing for the new book

okido in the Observer

Messy monster on the Oberver!

Robot needs you to doodle!

Sophie and Rachel !

My big world book! Thames and hudson

Out now!

Its a small world..

birds eye view...

mixed up trees

welcome to okidoville

A poem that was featured in issue 14 of okido, in glorious book format!

What's under that rock?

Down at okido farm!