Monday, 30 June 2014

forest Maze!

Forest Trail Maze - Can you scout through the forest to the campsite?

Character designs for OKIDO TV show

Animals for the background

Childish drawing

Learning to draw like a kid again. New poem by Gabby Dawnay

London Town

Drawing of London for the Tavel issue of OKIDO. 
Coloured in!


Had meeting on 'London Calls!' at Tate Britain, then popped into their shop..

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Drawings of Koko for the 'How it works book'

Gettin' on the London underground...

On the River Bus!

A possums Tail review in Amy Martin Comics blog!

Wonderful Review in USA based comic book blog
The book will be on sale in the US this November,

London Calls Proofs!!

Just Received the proofs for London Calls! It will be in bookshops by the end of the year. 
Published by Tate Publishing..

Now Proof reading! A bit of Cleo Ferin Mercury Product placement.