Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Thats right! we were bound to end up doing a party in the theme of a Tarantino film..Well here it is, Mortifying Uma Thurman  and using the trademark Rhubarb and custard Teenbop colour scheme. I added the creases and paper stress in pencil and used a photoshop effect. As For the Sundae kups, we can finally gonna play all those amazing surf songs from the film including Bustin' surfboards by the tornadoes! Foooo!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Zim zam zoom

Our questions from zim zam and zoom,
a reg. 4 page feature in okido, this issue zim zam & zoom, explains what our senses do and what they are. The activity is to link which sence you use to recognise the object. 

(the ukulele is based on my girlfriend's uke, and the cup is a polish tin cup. A classic english cake consisting of jam and cream sandwithched between two slabs of sponge covered in cream, hummm -) 

in the follow pages- we show how our sences make us aware of danger but also nice things!

(the cat is based on our cat Chiburaska)

 (this piece was a vector graphic)

OKIDO issue 8 out now!

A brand new issue with a brand new front cover! - this issue all about senses, so i used the type of the title of OKIDO to make a face. The type has so much potential to mess around design wise, so i was very glad in take advantage of this. For the t-shirt I placed all the characters of the issue into the t-shirt; and there are plans to produce the t-shirt!  

senses poem layout